A secure, online dashboard for managing documents, data, and compliance. Learn how our clients use SmartCompliance below.



Third Party Administrators

At the heart of claims subrogation is a current, complete database of vendor certificates of insurance, contracts, and corresponding data. Our TPA clients utilize SmartCompliance to bring complete document and data management in house and paperless for efficient claims processing, and even utilize our broker and license management modules for employee compliance.

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Solid Waste Management

Waste management companies rely on thousands of vendors for waste collection and disposal. Each vendor requires extensive documentation – our clients request, manage, and issue thousands of vendors’ information, contracts, and certificates of insurance from their centralized, private online portal.

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Commercial Construction

Commercial general contractors manage a significant amount of data for every build project – including certificates of insurance and contracts for every subcontractor. Our clients integrate the SmartCompliance certificate of insurance management software with their pre-construction process to ensure compliance of every subcontractor and file certificates of insurance for every project.

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